about Julie

Julie Matson is a Vancouver-born, Montreal-based, sound artist, writer and musician dedicated to exploring the aural relationships of difficulty, language and beauty. Her current projects include “Echo Beach,” an experimental, drone synth band, as well she is a touring member of “Thor and Friends.” She also performs under the moniker “AB/7A,” an intellectual harsh noise project dedicated to a full-faceted sound range with minimal gear.

Julie Matson’s current art practices focus on using sound as a political instrument. It is an agent of methodology and delivery that transfixes the message in an engaging way – through texts that have been transposed into musical notation and thoughtfully delivered through a sound medium. Often her works are conveyed alongside video accompaniment, or another form of sensory exposure.

Coupling a feminist approach in her works, Julie combines technology with the art of handmade gestures in her pieces, adding a level of intention, care and connection that is often lost in the transmission of synthesis.

Julie Matson, Artist CV 2017