sound design

sight unheard:

echo beach

Composition for Les Appartements Square Angus, 3300 Rue William-Tremblay, in Montréal, QC for Sight Unheard, a series that puts soundscapes to landmarks in various international cities. (January 2020)

is it the sun or the asphalt all i see is bright black

by chloe lum & Yannick desranleau

Sound design collaboration with multidisciplinary artists Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau for “Is It The Sun Or The Asphalt All I See Is Bright Black,” an installation piece at Circa Art Actual, Montreal QC. Two channels 4K digital video, sound 103 minutes; installation. (May 2017)

tall tales

by una lorenzen

Sound design for a series of hand-animated mini films by animator Una Lorenzen. (April 2017)


for echo beach

Solitaire by ECHO BEACH, from the EP “Fortune,” released April 2015

futures, past

This soundscape explores the erratic chronicles of the artist’s many childhood addresses; each move offering hope for a different future – a stable, secure future – inevitably running up against the challenges of a single-parent income in the capitalist culture of the 1980s. Sonifying the hand-drafted data of each location and address, this work layers emotional intonations with concrete sounds, providing an aural landscape of Matson’s FUTURES, PAST. (2014)

This was performed live at HTMLLES 11 in Montreal QC.

collateral murder (trigger warning)

*part of the Drones Against Drones compilation which can be downloaded for PWYC donation here –

This piece is an aural reminder of the fight that has caused Chelsea Manning to spend much of her adult life behind bars.

Coinciding with the first National Drone Day, this compilation is a celebration of drones, the musical form, and a condemnation of drones, the vehicles of murder.

All proceeds will go to the defence fund for Chelsea Manning, who traded her life and freedom to expose military atrocities. This album is dedicated to her.

We are also researching organizations that are specifically directing aid towards the victims of drone strikes in Pakistan; please contact if you have any leads. (2014)

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